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Changing Our Children's Lives One Watchmen at a Time.

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How Will YOU Take Action?



  • Support local representatives

  • Help freedom-fighters into office across California



  • Take direct action in your school district

  • Create change by filing forms and letters with a school



  • If you can't donate your time, pay us to fight for you!

  • Quick, easy ways to support the Watchmen

Vote For The Watchmen!

The Watchmen below make up a very special part of our organization: our candidates. These men and women have made a commitment to you and your parental rights. In order to allow them to take action in our communities, we have to elect them! Unlike presidential elections, local offices are often decided by just a few hundred votes. However sometimes they can be won by fewer than 10 votes!


There are two major ways in which you can help!

  • Help candidates by following and supporting their campaigns and policies

  • Vote for officials who run for office in your designated area


State Assembly 42

Lori Mills

Karen Meyer.jpg

CVUSD School Board

Karen Meyer

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CVUSD School Board

Joelle Mancuso


State Assembly 38

Cole Brocato

Become A Watchmen Advocate!

Run For Local Office

Watchmen is looking for other like-minded individuals to fight for our freedoms. In so doing, we are calling all non-career politicians to get involved in the future of our country. We are calling all citizens ready to make a change in on the local level and run for an office. From city councils to school boards and boards of supervisors. We would love to support you in your newly fledged campaign and are here to activate you to be that voice of change and protections of our civil liberties.

Volunteer for the Watchmen!

Even if you have never volunteered before, your skills are needed. Usually, we ask you what ignites your passion and 100% of the time we have a position for you. Watchmen is growing so furiously fast that there is a need in every area of our organization from event planning to social outreach, to community organizing, to politics, church meetings, bible studies and the list continues to admin staff and organizational or marketing skills. Join Watchmen, thinking you will give of your time but instead you will gain a family of activists fighting for a new generation to live in freedom!

Submit a Public Notice

Watchmen is so committed to ensure the protection of parental rights and your child’s sovereignty that we are prepared to offer these documents free of charge. To use these documents, simply download the forms. Fill in the blanks with the names of the teachers, principals, school clerk, school nurse, school district trustees and or the superintendent. Make one original copy, notarize it and send it certified mail or have it served to your school district with individual copies sent to every person named on the sheet. Then simply take those same copies and post them in every single public place. The intention of this document is to alert everyone in your school district of their legal parental rights which supersedes any mandates.

Donate To The Watchmen!

If you can't donate your time, donate your money! We have so much work to do and having a budget allows us to take action efficiently and effectively. When you donate to the Watchmen, 100% of your donation will be directly invested into our Kingdom ministry in one of three ways.

1 ) Watchmen has been both targeted and censored owing to its prominent work against child abuse, 33% of your funds will be used to maintain our website and database integrity.

2 ) Your contribution will be used to support our volunteer-based organization in its monthly outreach meetings and operations.

3 ) We are sponsoring ISIBINDI, a South African orphanage, housing abused youth – their mission aligns directly with Watchmen’s lawful strategy against child abuse. We thank you for your donation to furthering Truth, Trust and Transparency across the globe. Feel free to contact us to get involved.

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