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Protecting Parents,
Protecting Our Republic.

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Who We Are

Watchmen on the Wall (WOW33) finds it's inspiration in the ancient wisdom recorded in the words of the prophet Ezekiel in chapter 33.


The responsibility of the watchmen is to sound the alarm when danger is eminent. We believe that this time is now. Our mission is to sound the alarm, and to prepare all willing community members to participate effectively in the battle at hand.


Our weapons include the documents that we have readily made available to employ against local government overreach, education to encourage and equip all willing friends to act, and fellowship and friendship for all those people of courage willing to participate. Taking action deems you a Watchman for your specific community.

Our Mission

The mission of Watchmen on the Wall is to bring order back to our communities by providing real life solutions to current government and legal issues. We focus on Constitutionally protected freedoms, and the rights of parents and families.


We are passionate about protecting these rights through simple solutions that educate the general public and streamline the best lawful options available to We the People, as our Forefathers intended.


In particular, we lobby city councils and school boards to form policy on sound principles based in the constitution. Learn how you too can become informed to educate your own local governing bodies, and create immediate solutions for your community

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